What Do Mormon Athletes Do on Sundays?

Many Latter-day Saint athletes compete in sports on Sundays. Some of these high-profile athletes are applauded for their dedication to their faith. But others have been criticized for their decision to play on a day that is holy to their faith. What do Mormon athletes do on Sundays? is an interesting question. Here are some answers to this common question. But keep in mind that the answer will depend on the specific circumstances of the athlete.

There are a few exceptions to the no-Sunday policy. The Brigham Young University men’s basketball team never competed in a Sunday game. In 1995, the Raiders drafted Eli Herring, who subsequently became a teacher. Despite this, most professional football and baseball games were held on Sunday. That’s because the Mormon Church observes the Sabbath. In fact, most professional football games take place on Sunday, making scheduling difficult for some teams.

Distance runners are disproportionately represented among Latter-day Saints. Some believe the drinking fountains at Church stake centers may contribute to their success. While most Latter-day Saints aren’t able to break four minutes per mile, many of them have reached elite performance in the distance running field. Despite this disparity, Brigham Young University has long been an All-American factory. With so many athletes on the track and field teams, the BYU distance runners have enjoyed an era of unprecedented success.

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