What all Fantasy Sports are Available on Dream11?

The fantasy sports industry has experienced incredible expansion in recent years. Today, where everything is slowly becoming digital, the world of sports too has gotten better by taking online gaming to the next level.

Fantasy cricket, as we know it, allows users to create their own virtual team from a pool of actual sports players and earn points. Many sports fans all over the world now love it since it has gained prominence throughout the years. While the most popular sport among fantasy sport players is cricket, other sports too have started to gain due popularity. Hockey, volleyball, and kabaddi are among the few sports that are anticipated to grow in popularity over the coming years.

The growth of fantasy sports in India is fostering a national sporting culture. In the long run, it is anticipated that the fantasy sports sector will increase the number of fans of sports other than cricket as other sports become more popular. Let us check out what all fantasy sports are available on Dream11.

Top 4 Popular Sports on Dream11

1. Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game and has a significant fan-following across the country. In fact, fantasy cricket is one of the major forces behind the growth of fantasy sports in India. In the strategy-based online sport of fantasy cricket, users construct a virtual team of actual cricketers who compete in actual matches all over the world. Based on how well these players perform in actual matches, you receive points. All you need to do is choose your 11 strongest players from among the teams competing on a given day, then outperform your rivals and earn points.

2. Fantasy Football

Fantasy football can be played by both beginners as well as fantasy pro players. Here, the players can display their skills in real-world matches. Fantasy football features major football leagues such as La Liga, UEFA, UCL, FPL, Bundesliga, etc. Similar to fantasy cricket, fantasy football is a type of online game tournament where you assemble a virtual team of 11 players and compete against teams of other fantasy football players. You only need to select the top 11 players on your squad who can score the most goals by playing as defenders, goalkeepers, midfielders, and forwards. It’s a game of skill and good strategy, and the secret to success is practice.

3. Fantasy Kabaddi

If you wish to play fantasy sports, then there is nothing better than Kabaddi. It appeals to the indomitable spirit of Indians. After popularising the sport on a global scale, it only makes sense to now have brought the game to the digital stage. It’s because the fantasy kabaddi experience immerses you in the action, whether it is international tournaments or league games. All you need is regular practice and a proper strategy in place to become a proficient fantasy kabaddi player.

4. Fantasy Basketball

In the USA, basketball is a well-liked sport. However, the NBA has a sizable fan base in India as well. Basketball is increasingly popular in schools and colleges in India. You may now learn to deal with the unpredictable nature of basketball tournaments thanks to the advent of fantasy basketball, similar to the NBA. Even if you’re a complete novice, you can still enjoy the thrill of fantasy basketball as millions of people do each year with the help of apps like Dream11. You can join a league, manage your winning team with live scoring, professional advice, and exciting cash prizes if you play fantasy basketball.

How to Play your favourite Fantasy Sport on Dream11?

Whether it is cricket or football, to play fantasy sports on Dream11 or any other app is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Download the Dream11 app either from your App Store or PlayStore on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Make your account in it and register your details.
  • Step 3: Pick your favourite fantasy sport that you want to participate in.
  • Step 4: Create a team of 11 from an actual pool of available players.
  • Step 5: Join the tournaments. You can choose between free and paid competitions throughout the sports, depending on your gaming comfort level.

These fantasy sports apps, like Dream11, aim to give users access to all the tools they need in the fantasy sports industry. It is the programme you should use to play fantasy sports because it essentially has all sports you can think of on its site.

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