Top Hip Hop Breakup Songs of 2011

The year 1991 was one of the best years for hip hop breakup songs. “I’m Not Sorry” is a powerful song that captures the pain of a broken relationship. The song’s angry dancing shows how someone falls and gets back up. It’s a great song for those who’ve stylishster been duped by a lover. Here are a few more top hip hop breakup songs.

“IDFWU” by E-40 and Big Sean is perfect for the angry phase of a breakup. This track is perfect for telling your ex off and sulking, or for when you’re playing the newshunttimes blame game and trying to figure out why you’re broke up. This song also hits the realization that you’re not good for the person you’re with. “F**k Your Ex” by Big Sean and E-40 is another great breakup song.

While rap is typically associated with spitting shit and competing for champion status, there are many other artists who’ve turned their pain into music. You’ll never run out of hip hop breakup songs as long as there are new songs to add to your playlist. And don’t forget to listen to the classics from the first half of the century. The genre continues to evolve, and new songs about breakups are released every day.

Another top hit from 2011 was “Lucid webtoonxyz Dreams” by Juice WRLD. This song was the first to go viral after its release, and a favorite of the angry breakup rap scene. It samples Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” and reveals a complex inner struggle that every woman has felt at one point or another. Juice WRLD’s rapping is often a testament to manhwa18 his perseverance and courage.

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