Top 5 Lab Grown Diamonds in Brisbane

If you are looking for lab grown diamonds Brisbane, there are several places to look. In this article, I will review some of the leading stores that offer lab grown diamonds. Check out WD Lab Grown Diamonds, Larsen Jewellery, Geokas, and Kavalri for more information.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds

WD Lab created diamonds Manchester is the first diamond company in the world to be third-party certified for sustainability. It also has a record of 100% climate neutrality. The company has a dedicated mobile app that helps retailers search their inventory and display diamonds in different modes. It also provides an easy way to send messages to retailers and  lpllive customers.

Founded in 2008, WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a leader in laboratory-grown diamonds. Using the latest in material science, this company offers a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional diamonds. The company’s innovative processes allow for diamonds to be produced for a wide variety of uses, including medical and scientific applications.


KAVALRI is a premium engagement ring retailer with a wide selection of men’s and women’s wedding rings and a full showroom located in the city of Brisbane. The company is committed to full pricing transparency, superior design, and exceptional service. The company offers its customers a wealth of information to help them make informed decisions and purchase their new  xekdq ring.

KAVALRI’s Brisbane showroom offers an extensive range of custom engagement rings. The company offers a unique selection of beautiful diamonds at near wholesale prices. Additionally, it offers custom made wedding and engagement rings to meet every budget. This company boasts an outstanding Customer Approve Rating of 99%.

Larsen Jewellery

In the past few years, lab grown diamonds have been gaining popularity in the jewellery industry. These stones are affordable and have the same appearance as a natural diamond. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and ethical. This makes them perfect for people who are on a budget. Moreover, they are more affordable than other types of diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are available in a wide range of retail stores across Brisbane. These stones are certified by the Gemological Institute of Australia and are very realistic in appearance. However, before buying any lab grown diamond, it is advisable to consult a gemologist.


Geokas lab grown diamonds Brisbane are among the most popular types of diamonds on the market today. The company is one of the largest lab grown diamond suppliers in Australia. The company has a showroom in Brisbane where you can see their diamonds in person. In addition, the company also specializes in the manufacturing and selling of jewelry incorporating these diamonds.

These diamonds are ideal for engagement rings and wedding bands and are affordable alternatives to natural diamonds. They can be used in custom ring designs and are available in a variety of shapes and settings. Geokas lab grown diamonds Brisbane are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality ring at a great price.

Bakker Diamonds

Bakker Diamonds is a diamond store with a difference. They use a diamond-growing process to create diamonds of the highest quality. Unlike many other diamond Huay-online stores, they do not use middlemen or shop assistants. The customer works directly with a qualified diamond expert, who will create a unique piece of jewellery just for them.

Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly becoming popular, particularly in Australia. These stones are more affordable than natural diamonds and are also ethically sourced. This process involves growing diamonds under advanced conditions.

Larsen Engagement Ring Specialists

The Larsen Engagement Ring Specialists Brisbane has a reputation for making exceptional quality custom-made wedding and engagement rings. They also sell loose diamonds at competitive workshop prices. They also have a great range of ready-to-wear pieces and offer expert jewellery design services. You can choose a ring from a collection of gorgeous designs or create your own custom ring. If you are considering getting engaged and aren’t sure what kind of ring to buy, you’ll want to visit Larsen Jewellery, which has branches in both Sydney and Melbourne CBD.


Larsen Engagement Ring Specialists – Brisbane also specialises in coloured stones and pearls. They have an impressive range of engagement rings, and the shop features a helpful guide to selecting the right ring.

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