Top 5 Custom Engagement Rings in Singapore

Custom engagement rings are a popular choice among couples in Singapore. Usually, couples opt for diamonds from a specific country to customize their engagement rings. However, Singaporeans have several choices, and can choose from any of the following companies: Carrie K., Michael Trio, Natalie Marie Jewellery, and Princess Gem. You can find the ideal diamond for your partner with the help of one of these companies. You can also search through their database to find the perfect diamond for your partner.

Traditional and contemporary

If you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a unique and stunning engagement ring, look no further than Classy boutique in Chinatown. Its traditional and contemporary pieces will surely impress her. At Custom engagement rings Singapore, you can expect nothing less than the best. You can take your time to browse through its selections and choose the perfect one for your girl or wife. They offer a wide variety of styles, designs, and price ranges.

In addition to its extensive range of designer engagement and wedding rings, Carrie K. also retails beautiful gemstone engagement rings. Their in-house gemologist sources the finest gemstones from all over the world and cuts them exactly to your specifications. The price range is extremely competitive, making Carrie K. the perfect place to shop for a ring that’s right for your girlfriend or wife. The best part? There’s no middleman markup!

Jewelry in Singapore

If you’re looking for a customized engagement ring for your future spouse, you should consider an established family-run jewelry store. Founded in the late 1950s, this store has a long history of creating beautiful rings, bracelets, and more. You can even find one that has been in business for three generations! Whether you’re looking for an elongated ring for her or a simple band, you can find a perfect piece of jewelry in Singapore.

The brothers behind Michael Trio started their business as a tribute to their father. Their motto is family, trust, and love. These three values are the foundation of the company, and they continue to grow in it every day. The brothers were raised by parents who loved each other unconditionally and passed that love on to their children. The etiquette and tradition of quality jewelry is something that they pass on to their customers.

Natalie Marie Jewellery

When it comes to customising engagement rings, the Natalie Marie Jewellery brand excels. All of their pieces are thoughtfully designed, painstakingly crafted, and hand-finished by hand. Customisation is no longer limited to engagement rings Рyou can also have a ring custom made for your fiancé. The result is a ring that truly reflects your relationship and her personality.

Their collections of diamond and gemstone rings include traditional solitaires and contemporary designs. If you’re looking for a ring with an exotic flair, this Singapore-based jeweler specializes in antique and vintage rings. The designs range from Art Deco to Victorian era rings. The customisation process takes no more than three steps and requires no prior knowledge of diamonds. The results are gorgeous, stunning, and unique!

Sustainable materials

The sculptural pieces buy bespoke engagement rings Singapore Charlotte Dauphin de la Rochefoucauld are synonymous with her innovative designs and use sustainable materials. Her off-centre diamond placement offers a unique twist on the traditional engagement ring. A contrasting cut and colour combination makes each piece of jewellery uniquely unique. While traditional gold and diamond rings are still the most popular choice, a unique approach to modern engagement rings can be found at London-based Rachel Boston.

When it comes to proposing to your future wife or girlfriend, a diamond ring is the most perfect choice. A diamond ring not only shows your love and commitment, but also symbolizes the union between you and your partner. Princess Gem has a vast selection of diamond rings to choose from. From simple band designs to intricate handcrafted rings, you can find the perfect piece for your loved one. Whether you are planning to propose to your girlfriend or wife, Princess Gem can help you make the right choice.


The company’s mission is to empower customers to make conscious choices and take responsibility for their actions while reducing costs significantly. As a certified conflict-free company, Princess Gem has the resources to help you make a great choice and save big on your engagement ring. In the meantime, they’re on a mission to revolutionize the engagement ring industry in Singapore. If you’re thinking of proposing, make sure to start your engagement ring shopping with these top-quality designers!

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