The Best Lab Diamonds for Engagement Rings

When shopping for a ring, Best lab diamonds can be a great option. These gems are relatively inexpensive and don’t require as much care as natural diamonds. There are a number of different brands and companies, and Blue Nile is one of the best. The company recently partnered with Lightbox 2020, which produces lab-grown diamonds. Though their collection is small compared to other retailers, they offer a unique selection of rings. Moreover, they are known for their affordable overheads and excellent craftsmanship.

Blue Nile diamonds

For years, Blue Nile sold only natural diamonds in its jewelry line, but recently started offering lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings. Its inventory is significantly different than that of its competitors, and its lab-grown diamonds include a large percentage of D-colour stones. These lab-grown diamonds are produced using a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process. Most of these diamonds are grown in China.

Although the system is convenient, there are some kinks. Blue Nile has no guarantee that its diamonds will be free of flaws or defects. However, it offers free inspections and resizing within the first year of purchase. However, customers should be aware of the fact that the company’s policy does not cover resizing of engagement rings, which are usually expensive.

Blue Nile lab diamonds have been certified by two of the top diamond grading labs in the world, the GIA and the AGS. These certifications are essential for ensuring the quality of a diamond. Furthermore, Blue Nile lab diamonds come with certificates of authenticity. In addition, Blue Nile is renowned for offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and a return policy.

Lucce’s Premium Lab-Grown Diamonds

Compared to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds UK can be a fraction of the price, but still offer a similar level of beauty. A lab-grown diamond’s cut, color, and clarity are measured to ensure a high standard of quality. Because they are produced with renewable energy, they are also more environmentally friendly. They also offer a more affordable alternative, which can add up to big savings on engagement rings.

Although they’re a relatively new concept, lab-grown diamonds display the same characteristics of natural diamonds. Their fire, scintillation, and sparkle are the same as those of natural diamonds. While jewelry loupes are insufficient to differentiate lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds, a professional jeweler can make the difference by using specialized equipment. When buying a lab-grown diamond, make sure it comes with a gem certificate.

Lucce’s Premium Lab-Greened Diamonds are IGI-certified. They are available in E, G, and VS1 clarity grades, and are of Excellent to Ideal cut.

James Allen

James Allen offers a large selection of lab created diamonds, as well as loose gems and designer alternatives. The site offers a customer satisfaction guarantee and appraisal certificate. A cleaning cloth is also included for free. The site also features frequent giveaways, discounts and a “Design Your Own Ring” option. It also offers earth-created diamonds.

Clean Origin is another gem-grading service, though James Allen has a better selection. However, their customer service isn’t 24 hours a day. They’re open 8 am EST to midnight Monday through Friday, and 10 am to midnight on Saturdays. In addition to having customer service representatives on hand, James Allen also offers appointments with a diamond expert. This service is available for both US and international customers.

James Allen offers free shipping within the United States and Canada, and offers an excellent return policy. In addition to covering shipping fees, warranty coverage covers cleaning, prong tightening, and rhodium plating. The company also offers a lifetime upgrade policy. If you’ve purchased a James Allen diamond and are unhappy with it, you can trade it in for a full refund. You can use the credit toward a new diamond of at least two times its value.

Clean Origin

If you’re planning to surprise your significant other with an engagement ring, the Blue Box from Clean Origin is the perfect choice. The small, discreet package is the perfect size to slip into your jacket or pants pocket, and features a loose lab-grown diamond inside. The diamond sits securely inside a beautiful suspension box with a transparent window.

The company offers a variety of diamonds for every taste and budget, and its knowledgeable consultants can help you pick the perfect diamond. First, the experts will determine your budget and only suggest diamonds that fit within your price range. They’ll also ask you about the type of stone you’re looking for, such as shape, carat size, and clarity.


The Diamonds at Clean Origin are guaranteed to be conflict-free, and are produced using two different techniques. One of these is called High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT), and the other is called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The diamonds produced at Clean Origin can be any size or quality. Because they’re grown in a laboratory, they’re much cheaper than mined diamonds and are produced with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, they don’t produce unnecessary carbon emissions, which helps the environment.

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