The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or an investment piece, lab grown diamonds Sydney have something for everyone. These gemstones are visually identical to natural diamonds and share the same chemical, optical and physical properties.

These stones are also environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. As a result, they are gaining popularity amongst modern consumers.

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1. They are visually identical to natural diamonds

Using modern technology, diamonds are created using high-pressure and high-temperature conditions that mimic the natural process of formation found within the earth’s mantle. This allows diamonds to be created with the same chemical and physical properties as a naturally mined diamond without the cost of mining them.

Unlike diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, lab grown diamonds are actual carbon crystals, which have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. These characteristics make them a perfect choice for engagement rings.

While some may be wary of a synthetic gemstone, they are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional mined diamonds. They are also a much more environmentally friendly option as they do not require the energy and resources required to extract natural diamonds.

2. They are environmentally friendly

Lab grown diamonds Sydney are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional mined diamonds. They use less energy, water, and produce fewer carbon emissions than natural diamonds.

They are also less harmful to the environment than mined diamonds because they do not cause land erosion or deforestation. They also do not emit air or water pollutants.

These factors are very important to consider when choosing a diamond. In fact, a diamond’s environmental impact is so significant that you should always opt for an ethically sourced and sustainable option.

The mining of diamonds has caused many problems for the environment. This includes the emission of carbon dioxide, land erosion, and water pollution.

However, many jewelry brands have begun to opt for a lab grown alternative as they feel that it is more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are visually identical to natural diamonds and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and cuts.

3. They are less expensive than natural diamonds

Lab grown diamonds Sydney are an ethically sourced alternative to mined diamonds and can be up to 30% cheaper. This is because they avoid the mining process and do not disturb land surfaces, creating less waste.

However, you need to be aware that lab diamonds have little resale value. This means that you won’t get much for your ring if you decide to sell it in the future.

Generally speaking, natural diamonds hold their value better because they are rarer. They are also more valuable because they have a finite supply.

Despite this, you can buy a lab diamond that’s cheaper than a natural one and still get the same carat, cut, colour and clarity. That’s why they are becoming more popular with consumers. You can create the ring of your dreams with lab grown diamonds in Sydney! Just be sure to buy certified diamonds so that you can be sure that you’re getting a beautiful and ethically sourced diamond theviralnewj.

4. They are ethically sourced

The sustainability and ethical issues that are associated with mining natural diamonds, as well as the increased demand for more aesthetically pleasing and unique stones, has led to a growing market for lab grown diamonds Sydney. These gemstones are visually identical to mined diamonds, and they can be cut into virtually any shape and carat weight.

These man-made stones are also more cost effective and less environmentally harmful than mined diamonds. On average, white lab grown diamonds Sydney are typically 20-40% cheaper than their mined counterparts – making them a more practical and guilt-free alternative.


Laboratory grown diamonds are created using two main processes; High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapour Disposition (CVD). The HPHT process uses a molten metal solution to slowly crystalise the diamond seed. The CVD method uses a fusion of heat and chemicals to form the diamond. It is the most sustainable of the two processes, however it still needs significant amounts of energy to create.

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