Spotting Austin Workplace Age Discrimination

Among the numerous types of workplace discrimination, age discrimination can be considered to be one of the most common forms of discrimination. Although common, it is very subtle. Age discrimination affects an employee’s productivity as they generally emerge demotivated due to being considered ‘too young’ or ‘too old’ for work. While in most cases, the older workers are generally affected by this, young people are not completely disregarded from the process. Therefore it is essential for one to know the signs of age discrimination in the workplace to undertake any legal action with the assistance of an attorney. One can visit the website of an attorney to gain knowledge regarding workplace age discrimination.

What Is Age Discrimination?

If an employer discriminates against an employee on the basis of their age in various aspects of the company, including promotion, work assignments, firing, hiring or any other relevant company decision that impacts the career of the employee, such discrimination will be considered age discrimination. Discriminations based on age are not easy to spot as employers tend to affirm other reasons in place of declaring age to be a factor in career-oriented decisions.

Common Signs Of Age Discrimination In The Workplace:

  • If most of the employees during a large-scale layoff are above a certain age, it can be understood as a potential sign of age discrimination. However, the company would never state the age factor to be the cause of the firing.
  • All training and education facilities are provided to younger employees within the company.
  • The company assigns tedious and lower-level assignments to older employees despite possessing the potential for excellence.
  • Exclusion of older employees from important decision-making procedures of the company, such as valuable meetings for high-profile projects, opportunities for networking and many more.
  • Assuming that older employees can dedicate more time to the organisational proceedings as they don’t need to look after young children.
  • Not offering older employees enough opportunity for raises and promotions.

If one can recognise any of these situations that occurred with them, then it is a potential sign of age discrimination in the workplace. One much consult an experienced employment attorney as early as possible.

Final Thoughts:

An experienced lawyer will be able to access the situation better and sketch all the legal options available for the employee to seek justice in such unlawful situations or file a lawsuit if necessary.

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