Purple Kush is another powerful indica strain

The Strongest Indica Strain

When choosing a marijuana strain, the strength of the indica component is very important. Indicas are known for their powerful psychoactive effects and high THC levels. In order to find the strongest indica strain, you will need to know the effects of each and the characteristics of each. This article will provide you with some information to make your decision. Read on to find out which strains are the strongest and which ones are weakest

God’s Gift is a powerful Indica-dominant variety with a high THC content of around 25%. This marijuana strain is a heavy-hitter with a sweet taste of pine and mint. It should only be consumed by experienced smokers, as it will cause you to feel extremely relaxed and unresponsive for hours at a time. Once you start smoking this strain, it’s best to sit down and relax for as long as possible to avoid waking up too soon

Purple Kush is another powerful indica strain. With THC levels up to 27%, Purple Kush provides a powerful high with a hazy, happy effect. The physical side effects of Purple Kush are tingly and warm, resulting in couch-lock. These effects make it perfect for social gatherings with friends or relaxing by yourself in a quiet place. This potent strain also has a pleasant scent of earth, pepper, and berry mywikinews

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