Must Have Android Apps

If you use an Android phone, you almost certainly need some essential apps. These are things like keyboards, browsers, security, and personalization apps. Most phones come with these apps, but you can always switch them for other features or to access more functionality. This article looks at some of the apps that are essential. You can install them to your phone or install them from the market. Here are some of them:

Shazam – This is one of the most popular Android apps that will identify the music you are listening to and play it back to you. Depending on the song and artist, Shazam can be used to buy the song or add it to your Spotify playlist. If you’re into video, you can use IGTV for long-form videos or Reels to watch your favorite videos. The app also connects to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, which is a great option for catching up on your favorite music.

TempMail – This app allows you to generate a temporary email address for use with apps and websites that require an email address. It also helps protect your primary email address from phishing attempts and spam. TempMail generates a new email address instantly. The app is free. A few other must-have Android apps are Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and Google Translate. If you’re looking for some extra security, LastPass is a great choice.

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