Man Made Diamonds Adelaide

If you’re looking for an engagement ring in Adelaide, you have a few options for a man-made diamond. Luminesce Lab-Grown Diamond Rings are now available in several locations, including Marion, Smithfield, West Lakes, and Grahams. If you’re looking for an affordable man-made diamond, you can check out these three options: James Allen, Clean Origin, and Luminesce.

Synthetic diamonds

When looking for engagement rings and wedding bands, you’ve probably come across the option of synthetic diamonds in Adelaide. These diamonds are produced in an artificial laboratory rather than in a mine. The advantage of these diamonds is that they are ethical and conflict-free. Not to mention that they’re significantly cheaper than natural diamonds. If you’d like to purchase a man-made diamond in Adelaide, the best place to do so is Novita Diamonds. Novita Diamonds is Australia’s largest seller of lab-grown diamonds.

The technology behind synthetic diamonds came about in the 1940s when a major Swedish electronics company, ASEA, hired a team of scientists to work on a top-secret project to create a diamond. This project, code-named QUINTUS, involved growing diamonds using a split-sphere apparatus that would maintain a temperature of 2,400 degC (350 degrees Fahrenheit). Though the research produced some small diamonds, none of them were gemstone quality.

locations in Adelaide

Luminesce man made diamonds Adelaide have recently received much attention from discerning consumers. They are eco-friendly, incredibly pure, and surprisingly competitively priced. What’s even better is that you can easily compare prices and view the provenance of different diamonds. These stones are also available at a number of locations in Adelaide, including Tea Tree Plaza, Marion, West Lakes, and Grahams.

As an Australian company, Luminesce man made diamonds are also eco-friendly and are therefore a great option for consumers looking for a diamond ring. Moreover, they are competitively priced and produced in laboratories. If you are concerned about the quality of diamonds, you can visit any of their Adelaide showrooms to find the most suitable option. The staff will give you helpful advice on which diamond rings would suit you best.

The style and shape

If you are considering buying a wedding ring for your significant other, one of the best options is to go with James Allen man made diamonds. The diamonds sold by James Allen come in an amazing range of carat sizes, from a half carat to a full carat. James Allen also sells loose diamonds ranging from a few carats to 20 carats. With the 360-degree diamond display technology, you can see what the diamond will look like and make an informed decision on the style and shape.

In the past, natural diamonds and man-made diamonds have fought for the hearts of consumers. This battle is still not over, but the dust has settled, and consumers must now make an informed choice amid the confusion and marketing barrage. Here are some tips for deciding between the two:

Clean Origin

Choosing an engagement ring can be a difficult task, especially if you’ve never purchased a stone of such quality. There are many different questions you need to ask yourself, and Clean Origin can help you out with that. They have more than 125 different styles of settings available and specialize in the use of lab-grown diamonds, which makes them an excellent choice for any special occasion. With their knowledge of the industry, you’ll be able to find the perfect stone for your loved one.

Aside from looking good, clean diamonds are ethically sourced, making them a great alternative to mined diamonds  lab grown diamonds UK mining often involves the use of forced labor and violence. Natural diamond mining can also lead to soil depletion, water contamination, and destruction of wildlife habitats. And, because they’re lab-grown, you’ll save a lot of money, too! What’s more, you can feel good about wearing your diamond jewelry. Clean Origin has many advantages over mined diamonds, including free expedited delivery and insured shipping. Buying a diamond ring from Clean Origin also gives you the added bonus of free resizing.

High-quality diamond jewellery

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, Shiels jewellery might be the right choice for you. The Adelaide-based jewellery store first opened in 1945 and today has over 40 stores and employs over 450 people. The brand is known for its high-quality diamond jewellery at affordable prices. The company markets itself as the home of the 1 carat diamond. In addition to diamonds, Shiels also sells gold and silver jewellery.


Earth-Created diamonds are amazing works of art that are made from carbon, oxygen, and water. These gorgeous diamonds are becoming increasingly popular with men. Many men are now buying engagement rings, and not just for the woman in their lives. In the past few years, the Shiels managing director has seen an increase in male engagement rings of about 10%. Many of these purchases are after a traditional proposal. But some men are trying out diamonds after a more traditional approach.

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