Is Lucifer the Self Reflection of God?

The angel Lucifer is said to be God’s self-reflection, but is he? This question is one that has long puzzled believers. What is his purpose? Is it to take the place of God? Or is he simply a self-delusion that leads people to hell? Regardless of the reason for his existence, he does have some significance. Here’s how we can know for sure ufabet

The Bible describes Lucifer’s intentions: to occupy God’s throne, exercise absolute authority over angels, rule the entire universe, and claim the glory that is rightfully His. His ultimate goal is to be accountable to no one but himself. And how does he plan to achieve this? Let’s look at some of the reasons why he’s evil. First, he wants to be God’s cloak and dagger. Second, he wants to take over the throne of God. In Isaiah 14, we see Satan trying to cover himself with the glory that belongs to God.

After he’s fallen from heaven, he’ll remain on earth for a time. But God has plans for him, and it cannot be stopped. When his time comes, he’ll be cast into the lake of fire, where he will be forced to praise God’s Son, Jesus. His work will be revealed, and God will receive glory for it. So is Lucifer the self-reflection of God? Visit here me: thedolive ¬†Touch here visit now: topwebs

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