How to Maximize Your Fantasy Trade Value

When you want to maximize your team’s fantasy trade value, you have to know which players are worth more than others. While it is difficult to quantify value for every player in your team, there are a few ways to make trades that will be advantageous to both sides. Fantasy Pros’ trade value charts are among the best and most in-depth. They support both standard and PPR scoring systems, and rank players by position. This makes them an excellent choice for leagues where the players’ value is important.

One way to find the value of a player is by comparing their “Rest of Season” rankings. Using this chart, Fantasy managers can decide if a particular trade is worth the cost. You should subtract 20% of the value of each player, but keep in mind that quarterbacks have legitimate value only in PPR or two-QB leagues. If a player is not on this chart, his value should be four points or less.

It is a good idea to target players with similar overall values for a trade, but you should aim for those with better Z-Scores in a specific category. This is because you don’t want to risk hitting them too much in other categories. This is important for several reasons. While you may have a player with negative Z-Scores in one category, he could still be a good choice for that category.

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