How is your oily skin dehydrated in winter?

Each person’s face is different. and in order to take care of the skin We must know the skin condition of our own. That is what the skin condition is. One of the problems that most Thai men and women often encounter is their oily skin. I have to blot my face all day. But people with oily skin should not be offended. because there is an advantage. You will be a slow old person. Because oily skin people will have water to coat on the skin cells most of the time. The skin is less wrinkled than dry skin, but there are disadvantages as well. Because people with oily skin, the sebaceous glands under the skin will produce a lot of oil. You can notice it when you put on makeup. The face will become dull quickly. Flour is not durable.

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How is your skin dehydrated in winter?

Have you ever wondered that Why is winter and our skin still has excess sebum? Some people have a face that is so oily that a large pimple appears on their face. And sometimes our skin will have a dry and oily appearance, also known as. “Oily skin is dehydrated,” which is a common problem in winter. Let’s see how dehydrated oily skin looks in winter. including causes and methods of treatment Let’s go together from this article.


During winter, our skin tends to lack moisture. dry skin on the face and may sometimes have flaky skin, inflamed skin, burning, itching These skin problems are caused by dry, cold and windy weather. causing the skin to lose moisture If a person has a skin, it will have symptoms called. Oily skin is dehydrated. Which is a skin problem that comes from dryness that occurs on the face of people with oily skin.

The symptoms of dehydrated oily skin are as the name suggests: there is a lot of excess oil on the skin. But at the same time there will be dryness and tightness and may be accompanied by peeling of the skin. This can cause skin inflammation, peeling, clogged skin and acne.

Dehydrated skin can be caused by a number of reasons, for example:

– The oily skin loses too much moisture and makes the skin dry.

– naturally oily skin The skin must always be moist. If your skin lacks moisture The sebaceous glands will work harder to accelerate the release of additional oil to the skin to compensate for the lack of moisture on the skin.

But how much oil will be produced by the sebaceous glands? The skin is still dry. Because in winter, the weather is dry. As a result, the skin structure is weakened. Thus causing the skin to be dry, but coated with oil itself.

maintenance method

  1. Wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleansing foam that can moisturize your skin.

Avoid using face washes that cause dryness and tightness after washing your face. and choose a good cleanser containing no irritating substances such as alcohol, parabens and fragrances.

  1. Nourish the skin with a nourishing cream that provides high moisture to the skin.

such as vitamin C serum, essence and facial cream regularly to fill and retain moisture to the skin, reduce the work of the sebaceous glands And restore the skin cell structure to be strong and ready for the winter weather.

  1. Mask your face regularly.

At least twice a week to keep the skin moisturized regularly. oil control reduce skin irritation Create relaxation for the skin. and reduce oily skin problems but lack of water

  1. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house on a daily basis.

So that the skin is protected from sunlight and UVA, UVB and infrared rays. or avoid direct sun exposure

  1. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day.

To keep the skin moist and have a healthy cell structure, firm and lively.

  1. Eat nutritious food from 5 food groups and exercise daily.

for healthy skin Beautiful and clear from the inside out

In addition, taking care of dehydrated skin may require some behavior modifications that may cause dehydrated oily skin, such as:

– Sleeping late. If anyone who sleeps late regularly, often finds that in the morning our skin will be more oily than usual. Because during the night the sebaceous glands are more active than during the day. If we stay up late and the body still has to work. not resting The sebaceous glands will work more and cause more sebum stains. Which if combined with dry and cold weather May cause dehydrated skin.

– Avoid touching your face, peeling pimples or scratching the peeling skin in winter often, it can cause dry and dehydrated skin. It can also cause irritation and inflammation.

Because scratching the skin will make the pores larger. And make the sebaceous glands work harder to accelerate the production of oil on the skin to protect the skin from the harmful effects of scratching the skin. Thus making it more oily on the face. Combined with cold and dry weather, it can cause dry, dehydrated skin.

This is why and how to take care of dehydrated oily skin. Anyone who already has oily skin and doesn’t want to have dehydrated skin this winter. You need to keep your skin moist and have a healthy skin cell structure.

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