How is vaping better than smoking?

These days, there is a noticeable rise in the number of smokers worldwide, and the global tobacco market is expected to grow to USD 867 billion in 2022. Many people try to quit smoking, but it is not easy because tobacco develops an addiction.

According to statistical data, in Australia, one in every ten people over 18 years is a regular smoker. Moreover, almost 21000 people died in 2015 in Australia because of smoking-related diseases.

However, technology has brought forward a unique style of smoking called e-smoking, which consists of small machinery called a Vape that generates smoke with the help of some ingredients and flavours. Many manufacturers make Vapes and also sell Digi chargers like Nitecore in Australia.

According to some experts, vape is a much better option than smoking if one shifts to it. So, if you are looking for alternatives to cigarette smoking, you can try vaping. The following points list all the reasons why it is better than smoking:

Comparatively better for health

Many people don’t have the right information about Vaping as they think it is as dangerous as smoking and will cause harmful effects on the body. However, according to many studies, it is 95% better than smoking which means that if you shift from cigarettes to vapes, you will be able to quit smoking easily. Numerous treatments and nicotine replacement therapies are available to help a person quit smoking, but many studies show that vaping is a better option than these treatments. This is because the ingredients in vapes contain minimum chemicals that don’t stay in the body. After shifting to vapes, you will start noticing changes in your health like balanced blood pressure, easy breathing, improved taste and smell etc. In addition, it will improve your respiratory system.

No risk of passive smoking

According to many studies, when someone smokes, the people around him will also get similar effects on their health because of the chemicals and carcinogens present in it; this is called passive smoking. However, this risk is not present if the person shifts to vaping as it doesn’t contain tobacco. But experts still recommend that one must not use vape in front of children and pregnant women.

It doesn’t linger

The smoke exhaled by cigarettes lingers in the air, making it impure for humans and animals, but the vapour exhaled after using a vape doesn’t linger in the air for long. Its particles break down easily without adding harmful substances to the air. So it is not only safe for smokers but also for people around them.


Another benefit of vaping is that you can find numerous flavours available in the market, whereas cigarettes have the same smokey taste. It can also work as a mouth freshener because it leaves behind the sweet taste of the flavour.

Easy to quit

Another benefit of using vapes instead of cigarettes is that they are easy to quit as there is no tobacco. So, you can easily limit your usage and slowly quit it. There have been many instances where people stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes, shifted to vapes, and slowly stopped using the vape, too, becoming complete non-smokers.

The above points list some reasons vaping is better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. You can search online, find brands that manufacture vapes with different flavours, and purchase a Digi charger like Nitecore in Australia. It will be a much better substitute for cigarettes for you.

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