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How Does Crystal Reports Work?

If you are looking for a reporting tool that can make pixel-perfect reports for your business, Crystal® is the answer. The program’s flexible design allows you to create reports that include data from various databases and present them to business executives in a graphical format. It can also be used to develop business intelligence and decision support. It can analyze multiple data sources and create a variety of visualizations, including charts and tables. The data that you collect to create your reports can be stored in the database and used for analysis.

When you create a report, you first choose the fields that you want to include. This will be the main table for your report. Then, select the fields you want to display. You can select several fields by double-clicking on them. These will be listed in the fields to display box on the right side of the window. You can also browse the database to view the values for the fields. You can also use the control key to select multiple fields at once.

You can choose to run the report via URL or via the command line. This command line option will work if the report uses Oracle. For more information, see the command reference for Crystal Reports. If you want to run the report via a database, you can use the web.show_document procedure. If you’re using Crystal Enterprise, you can log data directly to an Oracle database. But if you prefer to run your report on your own, you can also choose the OLE DB connection.

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