How Can Sharing On Social Media Hurt Your Personal Injury Case?

We all love to connect with our friends and family members through social media. Gone are the days, when we had to wait for letters and telegrams to receive to know the well-being of our loved ones. Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have simplified the lives of all of us. In a few clicks, we can get updates on nears and dears. If you want to know how it can ruin your personal injury case, you must click here.

Photos and posts as evidence against you

You will be surprised to know that whatever you post on social media after filing a claim or litigation in court, can be used against you. The insurance company or the attorney will keep a tab on your activities. It can question your injuries, medical condition and even character. The attorney may argue that you are just doing fine in your life and all your claims are baseless.

Impact on the quality of life

You may include in your claim that your quality of life has been affected adversely after the accident. However, your jokes and comments on others’ posts can tell a different story in court. Everyone will take your claim as a means to obtain money from another party. It may seem that you are still enjoying your life just like before. Therefore, you should stay away from social media if you have filed a claim or a case in court. 

Getting the claim rejected

Based on the posts, comments, photos and videos, your claim for compensation may get rejected because the judge may believe that your injuries and medical condition are not severe. You can just do well without the compensation. In most cases, the attorney will also advise you to stay away from posting any photos because they are treated as hard evidence in court.

How to strengthen your case

You must follow the below-mentioned tips to strengthen your case:

  • Focus on your recovery
  • Let your lawyer handle the case
  • Attend all meetings with your doctor and take all medicines on time
  • Organize your documents 
  • Appear in the courtroom as and when required
  • Don’t make any statement without the presence of your lawyer

If you keep in mind the above-mentioned key points, you will be able to maximize your claim amount and win the case in the quickest possible manner. 

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