How Can I Write Hip Hop Music?

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been around the game for a while, there are certain elements that you need to master in order to create your own hip hop tracks. The best way to stay true to yourself as a writer is to read more than one genre. You can try reading sci-fi novels or memoirs, or even poems. Study the literary devices in order to learn how to use them in your songs.

Rap lines are 16 bars long and are best grouped in groups of four. Typically, there is some instrumental or beat at the beginning of a verse. The rap lines should change every four bars, and you should vary your flow, rhyme scheme, and intensity in each rap line. Rap verses should be as original and fresh as possible, so varying the flow of each section will give it an identity of its own.

Learn to play the guitar and rap. You should have experience playing guitar and rapping, but do not try to play the best parts in the first 10 seconds. You need contrast and off parts in order to keep your listeners interested. If you’re a guitarist, study guitar techniques and integrate them into your raps. This will help you become a better musician and better writer. This is not the end of the world, but it will help you become a better rapper.

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