Hip Hop Lyrics

The best hip hop lyrics tell a story, using specifics from real life. For instance, Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ is one of the greatest albums of all time. The lyrics feel lived in, and the artist’s lyrics are easy to relate to. Good rappers also incorporate imagery and use adjectives and adverbs to evoke specific feelings. The following are some of the best lyricists.

Rapper Biggie’s “I’ll Always Be Your Man” lyrics are recognizable to suburban and urban audiences. The film “Boiler Room” included this line and made it an even more universal message. Lyricist Lil Wayne is equally brilliant, using the art of lyricism to play around with words and teach listeners grammatical lessons. And if you want to learn more about Mobb Deep, “Survival of the Fittest” is a great introduction.

Hip hop legends such as Big L rapped some of the best lyrics in history. Big L’s punchline, “Reasonable Doubt,” is considered one of the greatest lines ever written in hip hop. Big Daddy Kane’s lyrical content, such as “Scarface-like,” can rank high in a list of favorites. But even if you are a hip hop newbie, Big L is the ultimate rap legend.

Rappers often use food as their subject matter. MCs have even documented the foods on their plates. Food is a cultural signifier, as well as a metaphor for consumption. MC Lil Wayne famously calls himself ‘the rapper eater’. Regardless of the genre, hip hop lyrics are a fun way to express your emotions. So what are some of your favorite hip hop lyrics?

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