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Concerns about the psychoactive effects of Cannabis

from concerns of The Royal College of Psychiatrists of Thailand found that there is no indication for cannabis extract in all psychiatric diseases. And may make psychiatric illnesses worse with samples of disease groups found Cannabis hurts disease progression, including:

Anxiety disorders – panic disorder patients are more likely to use Cannabis to relieve anxiety. (self-medication) has an increased prevalence of anxiety disorders. And anxiety patients were associated with high rates of cannabis use.

Depressive disorders: marijuana use has been found to increase the risk of depression depending on the amount used.

– Bipolar disorder – Cannabis can make people’s symptoms worse especially recurrent mania.

– Schizophrenia- There is a lot of empirical evidence to support that. Cannabis use is risky. The incidence of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders was statistically significant. In particular, regular users of large quantities of marijuana have a history of psychosis or a family history of mental illness. CBD shop give you all guidance about CBD product uses.

-Insomnia- CBD is more effective than THC in reducing sleep latency but impairing sleep quality over the long term.

Concerns about the use of Cannabis in cooking

Because since the release of marijuana, there have been news reports about the impact on the general public. After eating cannabis-containing foods and severe allergic reactions, especially the use of Cannabis leaves for cooking without controlling the amount to be appropriate, The greater the risk to consumers. The appropriate amount of fresh leaves for cooking is not to use more than one fresh leaf per 1 menu, only in the case of stir-frying, curry, boiling and beverages. All of these you will get in a CBD shop.

For fried dishes such as omelets, use 1/2 – 1 fresh hemp leaf (due to the use of oil). And take a long time resulting in high levels of THC)

Here are some additional recommendations for medicinal cannabis use:

– Do not reheat the food that contains cannabis leaves. and should not add cannabis leaves to

the original food menu to be sold again

– Cannabis leaves should be added at the last stage of cooking. to prevent the cannabis leaves from being exposed to high heat

In 1 day, it is recommended to eat no more than two menus.

– If there are adverse reactions should not eat

In conclusion, although there is a lot of information that unlocking “cannabis” this time is for medical purposes, the information and clarity on the use of cannabis extracts for modern medical treatment still have indications that Ltd. Suppose users have not studied the information before buying CBD products from CBD shop, and using Cannabis and intended to be used for recreational purposes unlocking Cannabis. Leaving the list of category five drugs can hurt health. And make the state burden of caring for people’s illnesses rather than benefit the public health system. Just as an example has already been seen in foreign countries, the Economic income generated by the cannabis business is less cost-effective when considering the long-term health effects on society, especially on children and youth at the growing age—both physically, mentally, and intellectually.

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