Does a Mirror Reflect Our Original Image?

Despite the name, does a mirror reflect our original image? Firstly, a mirror doesn’t really reflect our image left to right or top to bottom. It simply reverses our image along the axis perpendicular to the surface of the mirror. The result is that you can see yourself “turned inside out,” without actually rotating. However, not all mirrors are created equal. Here’s what you should know about reversal in a mirror.

A mirror can reflect our original image because of its concave or convex surface. The two different types of mirrors have different optical properties. Concave mirrors magnify the image while diverging mirrors make it smaller. They also reflect light differently than convex mirrors. The first one magnifies our original image while the second one reflects it from behind. In order to see this, we have to line up with the mirrors.

A mirror also has a different definition than a photograph. A photo has an upright image, while a mirror reflects our image sideways. The former produces a more accurate image, while a photo captures the object in a flat surface. However, both methods are dependent on the environment in order to produce the desired image. So, the answer is: it depends. A mirror reflects our original image, while a photo captures the image of another person.

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