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The use of carbon fiber is most in the manufacturing of car-making, high-performance parts, and various other accessories. BMW carbon fiber parts are mostly made with this material because of the high-quality material and lightweight. These have varieties of exterior, interior, and performance parts as well as accessory highlights collections available. With unique desired parts, the BMW design uncompromisingly offers a modern and contemporary appeal.

BMW offers a variety of carbon fiber parts such as carbon fiber spoilers, steering wheel trim, mirror caps, splitters, diffusers, etc. These not only modify the appearance but also reduce weight which results in high performance and good aerodynamics. If you are interested in modifying the BMW with carbon fiber parts. Then research well and prefer the parts that suit your specific BMW model digitalpinas.

Collection of Different Parts & Accessories

There below-listed are some of the carbon fiber parts that are available. You can choose the parts that are compatible with your current BMW model. These all parts are all made up of carbon fiber material because of their lightweight and high performance.

 S.No.             Name of the part                  Features
   1.           E-brake handles ●     The BMW carbon fiber e-brake handle is the perfect accessory for any BMW.

●     There are usually OEM Fit ( original equipment manufacturer) and Finish.

●     It contributes to the interior upgrade of the BMW.

●     These are usually made with durable ABS plastic i.e, high tensile strength, resistant to physical and chemical impact.

●     It is also made using carbon fiber to enhance the overall properties and features.

   2.          Gear shifter Trim ●     It made the gear shifting quite easy and quick.

●     It offers elegant and high-class appeal.

●     It is made up and designed with the use of high-performance material.

   3.          Steering wheel trim ●     It is usually placed in the center.

●     It is built to enhance the overall feel and appearance of the BMW.

●     It is coated with high-quality materials, enhancing durability and shine.

   4.        Exhaust tip ●     It is designed in such a way that direct replacement can be made, along with some modification.

●     It offers a classy and aesthetic appearance.

●     It is also made up of high-quality carbon fiber.


   5.     Interior door bowl trim ●     High-quality materials such as durable ABC, carbon fiber, etc are used in manufacturing.

●     It offers unique appeal in your BMW, along with great fit.

●     They are quite easy to install.

   6.     Shift paddle set ●     These are made of 3k twill weave Carbon fiber.

●     They are designed in such a way that exactly fits your car model.

●     They offer quick and easy control while driving in snow or bad weather conditions.


Apart from these parts, there are many more such as license plates frame, roof antenna covers, emblem roundel, etc. You can search for the various parts and accessories by direct searching on the site. Plus, explore the various parts that you can insert into your BMW. These are the accessories or parts that fit in maximum all the models such as BMW E90, E92, and E93 series.

The reason behind checking the compatibility of the parts with your BMW model is that it helps in enhancing the overall performance and other factors such as aerodynamics in a better way. It will serve both the function and decoration demands Result.

Wrapping Up

There are many BMW carbon fiber parts collections available for your series. Choose the one that fits or is compatible with your BMW model. Just check all the parts and aftermarket accessories collections they have. Check the features and make the final choice. It’s good to explore new things and make modifications accordingly.

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