A popular Korean rap group, NU’EST, has black hair and “girly” blonde skin.

A popular Korean rap group, NU’EST, has black hair and “girly” blonde skin. But the rapper does his own make-up in his free time. A Japanese MC once commented on Nu’est’s habit, to which the rapper responded with a simple, “thank you!” The group also likes to wear women’s clothes in their commercial videos, which are now widely available online. The company has an official cookie policy and privacy statement, which you can review to find out more.

Another example is the “Kokobop” singer, Jeonghan. This talented singer is famous for his long hair. He recently experimented with shoulder-length red hair in a music video. In addition, BTS’ V usually wears his short hair in luscious locks, but in “Hwarang” he grew it out to shoulder-length. By doing this, Junghan completely changed his aura. Nu’est’s Ren can pull off multiple hairstyles and make them look great. Latest Website magazineview and magzine

In the November issue of Marie Claire Korea, Ren wore different colors, including pink. She pushed her hair back to reveal light pink highlights. Ren is not afraid of taking risks and doesn’t play it safe when it comes to fashion. He is a style icon who doesn’t play it safe. A recent interview with the media highlighted his willingness to experiment with fashion and look different. And his bold choices have earned him the nickname “Redhead.”

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