A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Ideal Swimwear for a Vacation

Individuals who work hard deserve a break every few months or semi-annually. They eagerly look forward to their yearly vacation, making itineraries and to-do lists. Meanwhile, many essentials require packing into the suitcase, like sunscreen, passport, extra clothes and medicines. Apart from these, there is also an underrated must-have item that most people forget to pack and later regret on the trip! This item is a stunning one-piece swimsuit available on the websites of brands. Besides, every hotel today has a pool for guests to relax or practise their front and back strokes. So carrying this item will allow the person to enjoy holiday luxuries like the beach, water sports, hot tubs and pools.

Due to the vast choice range available in the market, people are unaware of how to select the right pair of swimwear. And the following section in this article will state tips to guide first-time buyers in purchasing their ideal pair of one-piece swimwear.

Types of One-piece Swimwear in the Market

The swimwear designs and customisations available on the websites of popular brands cater to the needs and likes of every individual. After all, no two people think alike or have the same preference. So, the following is a list of trending one-pieces that models and famous actors are wearing on their annual beach destination vacations:

  • Cross back suit
  • Short-sleeve suit
  • Full-arm suit
  • Lace-up side suit
  • High-tri suit
  • Wrap-tie suit
  • Under-wire cup suit
  • Bandeau suit with ring trim

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Swimwear for All Body Types

The following points are a quick-to-remember checklist that will allow first-time buyers to purchase the best swimwear online from the plethora of options available:

Body Measurements and Bust Size

Every individual has a different body type. The importance of one-piece is that they must not only fit the body perfectly but also stay above the bust, preventing a wardrobe malfunction during the swim. It can be embarrassing if there are unwanted slips in a public setting. Meanwhile, many famous swimwear brands manufacture the best-quality suits that cater to all body types, giving the perfect fit. They also make custom wear for individuals with specific needs. The swimwear must also have different bust sizes for women to select and wear confidently. For instance, some women prefer a padded suit while others prefer only fabric ones, and the preference depends on the wearer.

Fabric and Patterns

Most individuals who swim regularly prefer a swimsuit made from Polyester material due to its durability, and it is soft to the touch. The fabric glides on comfortably, and the wearer’s skin does not get irritated. Meanwhile, the new-age swimwear made from quick-dry material called Polyamide, a composition of Polymer linked with an Amide, is growing in popularity. They also come in exciting prints like tropical themes, Aztec prints, floral themes, animal prints and more. As such, the shopper will have an immersive experience browsing the website for one-pieces with exciting prints and patterns. In the meantime, a few luxury swimsuits have embroidery on them, making them a unique piece to add to the wardrobe to swim in vogue!


Swimwear can last for years if buyers invest in the best brands. And the average cost of top-quality pool wear that has a lifespan of over five years will lie between $200 to $400. The price paid will be worth every penny for the quality delivered by the brand. On the other hand, the less-expensive swimwear will be made from cheap-quality fabric that will start tearing at the seam within a year. So the individual shopping for the one-piece can check their overall holiday budget to buy swimwear at affordable rates for that vacation. And start shopping today!

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