8 Surprising Benefits of Humidifier Mist

Air quality isn’t just about the weather outside, the environment inside our homes plays a major role in our homes. A dry home can be detrimental to our health, causing dry skin, breathing issues, loss of sleep, and even allowing certain airborne viruses to spread easier. Luckily, a humidifiers mist can add moisture to the air in your home during those dry months with benefits you might not have known about. Below is a list of eight of the most impactful ways a humidifier can aid in a better quality of life, a little moisture can go a long way.

Helps Control Allergies

As the season changes many of us suffer from some sort of allergy to pollen or pets, but a humidifiers mist can reduce the effect of allergens on our body. Adding humidity below 50% in your home can help moisten your nasal and throat passages, by doing this mucus can effectively collect those pesky allergens and allow you to clear them out thus reducing their impact.

Get Rid of Dry Skin

A dry environment means drier skin which can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Cracked lips and ashy elbows can be prevented by the use of a humidifiers mist in your home. If you’re tired of fragile hair during those winter months then use a cool-air humidifier which is not only effective in adding moisture to your home and skin, but is safer around children as it does not have a heating element.

Cures Dry Throat and Cough

Have you ever experienced a dry cough? It can be unbearable if it’s non-stop, potentially causing bleeding if coupled with an allergy. To cure a dry cough you need humidity, a humidifiers mist helps coat your throat naturally without the use of medication. To release irritants, humidity adds moisture to your airway so you can pass phlegm without as much trouble.

Reduces Snoring

If you suffer from snoring yourself or have a partner that keeps you up at night, try adding a humidifier when you sleep at night. Everybody deserves a good night of rest, for those who have sleep apnea or simply snore, adjusting your position isn’t always comfortable or doable, but a humidifiers mist can help. When you use a humidifier for snoring, you essentially moisturize the part of the throat that tends to become irritated. This irritation causes snoring so to prevent snoring try running your humidifier while you sleep and during the day for more impact.

Creates a Warmer Home

A humidifiers mist helps add humidity to your home, during cold months where things tend to get dry this can help your home’s heating system run more efficiently. Water traps heat, by adding water to the air in your home it’ll keep temperatures comfortable, think of it as insulation you can’t see.

Can Help Prevent Airborne Viruses

A major health benefit of a humidifiers mist is aiding in the prevention of airborne viruses. It’s no coincidence that the colder, drier seasons are when influenza season starts, that’s because dry air is the perfect conduit for many respiratory viruses. Influenza grows rapidly in dry conditions, but when the humidity is above 40% the germs that cause the flu and other viruses are captured by the water in the air and then simply drops. Try using a humidifier at home when flu season comes along to reduce the likelihood of catching that bug yourself.

Good for Wood

So we know that with a humidifiers mist you can have better skin, better sleep, and reduce respiratory infection; but did you know it can also have benefits on the finishes in your home? Think about the wood floors in your home or that vintage wood coffee table that you picked up at that market not too long ago, they came from living trees at one point. Trees naturally pass water from root to branch, the wood in between is simply a conduit for this network and when wood is collected and turned into furniture it needs to maintain some sort of moisture to prevent breaking. If it’s too dry you may find that your floors creak, your furniture looks dull, and your doors don’t open or close the same; adding humidity can keep wood from changing shape and shrinking from dryness.

Relax with Aromatherapy

A great benefit of using a humidifier is having a place to diffuse all of those essential oils that we received in that self-care basket. Being at home means being about to relax a little bit, so use a humidifiers mist to help spread the relaxing scent of lavender or get a bit more energy with lemon peel; both can help keep your home smelling amazing.

Humidity is essential to creating a healthy environment indoors. The benefits of having the right amount of humidity through the use of a humidifiers mist are numerous and can have a positive impact on your health. Try using either a cool or warm mist humidifier to breathe better, sleep better, and live better.

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